Water softener shower heads

When a person feels tired after a lot of work, he makes a program of bathing. After bathing, a person feels healthy and active. Most people choose a shower for bathing. So you should become smart of choosing best Water softener shower heads. Because it is important to see all the features of the shower. Sometimes there are small germ, dust and chemicals that can damage your hair and also bad for your body. It also depends on water type because there is no same water in all places. So be careful about shopping showerhead, because you should need to see the size of it, its validity and also water pressure. Also check its structure, its flexibility. But the most important thing is that keep in mind the structure of water that it is hard or soft.

Different people use a different source of water. It’s mean that most in cities, Government supply water for various purposes and in some places there are private departments and also companies supply water. Some people use the pond and lake also for the requirements of water. So there should be some chemicals and containments also dissolving in this water that could be harmful to a human being to use it for drinking, bathing and for all purposes. The mostly effect of these germs is through bathing. So there is set a filter built inside of shower head that is used for removing harmful elements, chemicals and dust etc. Here are some famous and useful Water softener shower heads.

1. Berkey shower filter

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It is known the best water softener shower head because its price is so competitive and affordable. And most amazing thing is that shower head is not added in it. But it is so simple, stylish and easy filter that can be used for a year. It has a back-flush feature that is useful like other features and the main benefit of this feature is that it the effect of clogging. It is special for reducing the chlorine and it can reduce it by 95%.

Features of Berkey shower filter

The weight of this shower is very low and it is easy to carry it. Its weight is about 1.46 Ibs. The wastage of water is a common problem of some showers, but you can avoid this problem with the use of Berkey filter. In other showers, you can use the valve to decrease the leakage. But it is possible that you can use a Berkey filter without this valve. As you know that the most diseases of lungs occur due to dirty water. But you can remain safe yourself many diseases that occur due to dirty water. It is possible that chlorine can enter your body through inhale, so its KDF 55 granules reduce the amount of chlorine to entering your body.

This filter also could be used for decreasing the number of chemicals like chlorine, mould, fungi and many other micro-organisms. The structure of this filter is so simple and the price is so small, but its benefits are so high. You can use this filter against hydrogen sulfide, iron, lead and some other harmful smallest entity. It has so benefits that today it has become a necessary thing for all budget people.

Pros and cons

Berkey softener shower head is the most famous product of shower. But having many features, it has some pros and cons also. These pros and cons are given below in detail.

Pros & Cons

  • This product is very low weighted. It has only 1.46 Ibs.
  • You can use this useful shower for one year. Or you use it up to twenty thousand gallon water.
  • There should be some harmful elements in water like chemicals, limescale and fungi etc. So this softener shower head is best to reduce these elements.
  • It is a real fact that it can be reducing more than 95% chlorine. But there is no result against chloramines, so it is useless for municipality use.

2. Aquasana deluxe water softener shower head

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It is the best softener shower head and you will try to your best for buying this product due to its features. If we discuss its canister then it is heavy in weight as well as the size and hangs below to the shower. But the main advantage of this shower is, it is easy to use. You can easily change and unscrew the cassette when you think that it is needed to change it.

An important this is here that there is no problem of changing its cartridge because you get a better result from it for 6 months or it is possible to use ten thousand gallons of water through the single canister. You can choose this softener shower head for all types of chemicals even these are mock or natural. Because it is created copper-zinc and coconut husk carbon that use for water filtration. Some cartridge is special for a fixed softener shower head and some for the flexible shower but you can use it for both types of showerheads. So you should focus on its size with care.


Aquasana deluxe water softener shower head is best to decrease the size of chemicals like chlorine and chloramines up to 90% but it is useless for calcium and also it can remove fluoride only 40% to 50%. So it cannot use for calcium and fluoride.

As you know that there are different types of shower and if you choose handheld shower for your use, then it is important to purchase sceptre revision. And filter canister is designed in such shape that, you should need NARROW showerhead. You cannot use this shower head only for bathing but it could be used for massage as well as nozzle sprays with its awesome features.

Another best feature of this shower is that it has dual methods of water filtration, through that you can get tasteful and fresh water for bathing. During the bath, when the water went into your mouth as well as noise and then you feel the importance of this small but very useful product. It is also best for increasing water ph.

Another advantage of its cartridge is that water remains a lot of time in it. When water flows from top to bottom then it remains most time in the filter. It’s mean that filter can filtrate water more time and you can get real benefits of filtrate water. There is no problem with this shower head because it is officially certified by NSF. Its filtration system gives water with high pressure. Installing method of the filter is so easy.

Pros and cons

Aquasana deluxe water softener shower head is best for all conditions and for all types of water. However, there are few pros and cons of this softener shower head. These pros and cons are given below.

Pros & Cons

  • It has the power of reducing chlorine and chloramines up to 90%.
  • Maintains process is more secure and easy, so there should be no problem during replacement.
  • There is no issue about the environment because it can be used Aquasorb HX coconut shell carbon and also KDF both.
  • It is not effectible for removing calcium and fluoride and it can clean these organisms not more than half.

3. The Culligan Level 2 inline shower head filter

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This softener shower is totally different from other showers. Because its filter is inline that is best from others those have whole shower head unit. But you can also buy a shower head along with the filter. So it is easy to select, filter management and also changing the filter is so useful. The main advantage of this system is that it can be used for both showers i.e. You can use it in hand hold shower as well as in the fixed shower.

The manufacturing company gives a five-year warranty for this product. Some softener showers are harmful to hair and skin but it is useful for hair and skin. Because its filter has the ability to reduce chlorine, bad odour, sulfur and another organism those are harmful to skin and health. You can use Culligan level 2 inline shower head filter can be used for about six months or you should use ten thousand gallon water with a single filter.

The Culligan Level 2 inline shower head filter is counted the best shower because it done its work very well and there will no problems created during the usage of it. It is a money-saving product because its filter can be used for a long time. So it is best for all budget people.

This product is best for hard water. Because the softener shower heads those are used for hard water have little life of filters but the replacement process is easy of this hand hold softener shower head. Its dimensions size is also enough for use. The size of its dimension is 3.5, 7.5 and 10 inches.

Pros and cons

The Culligan Level 2 inline shower head filter has a long life and it has a lot of other benefits. However here are some pros and cons of this useful and amazing product.

Pros & Cons

  • It can keep water from big as well as small organisms like chlorine, sulfur, algae, bacteria and some other germs also.
  • There could create some problems due to dry skin but this product is suitable and effective for skin as well as hair.
  • The Culligan Level 2 inline shower head filter is durable. Because there is five years warranty of its durability.
  • Sometimes there would be a water leakage problem at the fitting places. But it is not a big problem because this can be handled with the help of plumber silicon.
  • This product is totally made of plastic. So it should need extra care in the installation process.
  • It is not a beautiful product like others.

4. Ph energize multi-stage shower filter

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All the filters have different types of features. So all filters have the ability to remove different chemicals and organisms. The filters that are effective for chlorine are useless for limescale. This water softener shower head is different from all others. Because there are eight different filtration steps, through those your kidneys remains safe from poison and also it cares your skin and body.

This product was upgraded by a company Invigorated water. Its main features are to keep water safe from fluoride, chloramines and many other harmful organisms. 100% money-back guarantee is the best advantage of this water softener shower head. Another advantage of this product is that its working process is fast, its setting is so easy and if you want to change its filter, then it is easy.


If you are using hard water then you can increase its ph, remove toxins from water, and also introduce those elements which are useful and important for human skin and body. The usability of this shower filter is six months. So you can purchase an extra shower head or you can reinstall old shower head lower of the filter. If there are chlorine, other metals, chloramines and fluoride then it is best for removing these elements from water. As ph increase, bad toxins automatically decreased. But it ignores some chemicals like zinc, calcium and magnesium from water. The filter has the ability to set in fix shower as well as flexible hand hold shower.

Ph energize multi-stage shower filter is best in looking and use both. It is a stylish shower head that is using in most countries of the world. You cannot get showerhead with it, so it is important to buy it extra.

Pros and cons

Here are some pros and cons of ph energize multi-stage shower filter below.

Pros & Cons

  • Its dimensions are wide, so you can enjoy most pressure of water.
  • You can get pure water free from chlorine, chloramines and little amount of fluoride.
  • There is no showerhead in this package so you should pay extra charges for buying it.
  • It cannot clean water from calcium, so it is not effective for soap scum.

5. Aqua Eva luxury water softener shower head

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It is a common thing that if you want to pure something then you should need to filter it more and more. This product known as best water softener showers heads because the process of its filtration remains continues about fifteen times. When it starts filtration process the water passed from magnetized filtration balls, cotton mesh and beads.

With the help of this shower head, the pressure of water increased and also there is no problem of water leakage. It is so simple product and there is no need for any extra tools to manage it. The design of this shower head is in such shape as raining. Some shower heads count reliable for hot water and some for cool water but it is the best advantage of this product that it is best for all water.

All people have its own choices, so the attachment of its filter is flexible to move it according to your choice and you can turn it about 35 to 78 degrees in all around. The size of the filter is 3.3, 4.7, and 4.5 inches of wide, tall and diameter respectively. You can get water free from chlorine and sand etc. through this filter. But the major drawback of this product is that this shower head is unable to clean calcium from your water. In this kit, you should get a showerhead and its filter can adjust for all types of shower heads even these are hand holds, adjustable and also for wall mounted. You also get the Teflon tape and also five shower caps in this kit.

Pros & Cons

  • There is a showerhead along with this package that flow water at 2.5 GPM.
  • The water is much filtrate because it passes about 15 filtration stages.
  • It can clean water from chlorine and sand but the filtration process cannot filtrate water from calcium. So you should not enjoy the water that is free from calcium.

6. Luxsego ionic water softener shower head

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Commonly the filtration cartridge is connecting below of the shower shaft in hand held showers. But Luxsego is totally different in this care because its filtration system is in the middle of the shower arm. So you should feel that shower WAND is double with small nozzles.

With the help of these nozzles, you can increase the water pressure up to double. But can decrease the water usage of about 30%. Through the use of this water softener shower head, your skin becomes more soft, clean and healthy. These BEADS also used for water filtration and then you can get clean and filtered water for bathing. Also, it is useful for a blood pump, through that you should look healthy and younger. Some showerhead has only one shower spray mode, but this product has three showerhead buttons those are used three spray modes.

Luxsego ionic water softener shower head is designed in such shape that it is easy to keep it clean. The structure of its parts is complex but the cleaning process is so easy. The beads are very useful and you should change these beads about every two months later for getting better results from it. You should also clean the metal plates from time to time.

You can get the luxsego ionic water softener shower head in different colours and it is also an amazing product. But the major drawback of this product is that it is expensive due to change of beads in every two months.

Pros and cons

Luxsego ionic water softener shower head is best for use for all types of water. However, it has some pros and cons.

Pros & Cons

  • In this shower head, there is a mixture of anion minerals balls and infrared minerals balls.
  • The design of this shower head is in shape that it can be easily clean by anyone.
  • You can get the high-pressure water if the water amount is less or high.
  • The company gives only 3 months warranty.

7. Culligan WSH Wall-mounted water softener shower head

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It is a best water softener shower head that can be used with showerhead and there is no need for a filter that is built in it. The main advantage of this filter is that even it is constant but if you want to change it, there occurs no problem. You can adopt this action in a year double or you can change it after the usage of 10000-gallon water. The pressure of water that flows from the shower is 2 GPM. You can not only get the benefit of bathing but it has 5 massage settings.

It is best for removing sulfuric smells, limescale and chemicals like chlorine etc. This is also an effect for killing bacteria, small germs as well as micro-organisms. Its outlet side is wide above to half an inch, so it has the facility of fitting any suitable shower arm. The most interesting thing is that you should not need any extra tool for installing it to shower arm. Culligan WSH Wall-mounted water softener shower head has the facility of officially certified by ANSI 177. You can get this water softener shower head from any shopping Centre in the market and the main reason is its increasing popularity. The weight of this product is very low and it is about 1.58 pounds. You should get an extra cartridge and Culligan those have 5 years warranty of usability.

Pros and cons

As you know that it is officially certified. However, there are few pros and cons of Culligan WSH Wall-mounted water softener shower head those are given below.

Pros & Cons

  • You should get 5 massages setting along with shower head in this price.
  • There are no side effects of this product because it is issued after the ANSI 177 improvement.
  • It has the ability to clean water from chemicals, dust, sand, bacteria as well as small germs.
  • It cannot remove calcium and fluoride from water.

Are water softener shower heads efficient?

As you know that the process of water softening done through very difficult steps. The most important step of water softening is that sodium-filled beads, calcium and magnesium ions exchanged with each other. If due to any reason, this process no complete without exchanging. So water softener shower heads are not efficient.

Why cannot shower heads soften hard water?

As you know there is a lot amount of calcium and magnesium in hard water. And there is not much time in the softening process that shower heads can clean the water. The water softener shower heads can easily work done with soft water. There are some shower heads those passed the water in much filtration process through that it is possible to clean hard water. But mostly shower heads cannot work properly for hard water.

What are the benefits of using soft water in the shower?

There is less and magnesium, so hard water is very effective for health. So there is no issue of using this water for drinking and even for bathing. While soft water is salty and it is not possible to use soft water for a long time.

Why is my shower not powerful?

There are lot numbers of reasons due to those shower head cannot perform its best. The main reason for less power is the minimum way between the spray head and the level of water that is in the tank. So this problem could not be solved if the pressure of water in your home is low and you cannot get the result of this issue even you use a high pressure shower head.

What is the best water softener shower head?

There are lots of numbers of water softener shower head those have many features. Some best softener showers are given below.

  1. Berkey shower filter
  2. Sprite universal water softener
  3. Aquasana deluxe water softener shower head
  4. Aqua Bliss SF100 shower filter
  5. Culligan ISH 100 inline filter

Do stone stream shower heads really work?

Stone stream shower head is best because this is used for increasing the pressure of water and there is no problem if the showerhead is small or big. The most important thing is that the pressure of water that flows from it is not badly affected for the skin. It is very useful for all water.

Does hard water cause grey hair?

It is real fact that the water becomes hard due to excess of elements. Due to that our body gets more minerals. And more minerals are harmful to the body.  The main reason for changing hair in white from the black mostly uses of hard water. So it is important to use less hard water for bathing to keep yourself from this type of issues.

Which shower filter removes the most contaminants?

There are many shower filters are used in the house and all have different abilities. But SF220 that is a product of Aqua Bliss is best in removing most contaminants rather than others. It has three stages of filtration through that the water becomes free from chlorine, bacteria and many other germs.

Final thoughts

Bathing is essential for a person to stay fresh and healthy. But taking a bath without purifying water can be harmful to health. Water softener shower heads had solved this problem. There are many types of water softener shower heads those have the ability to purify the water with different powers. All products are known best for different types of water. So if you want to enjoy a healthy life, you should purchase water softener shower heads according to your status and suitability.

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