Berkey Water Filter Review

So today our topic is Berkey Water Filter. We had reviewed this filter system and now we will tell you each and everything about this water filter system that how it works, from where you can buy it, and what is the Berkey water filter review? But for knowing each and everything, you have to read this article. So let’s have an eye on Berkey water filter reviews and other things that are related to it.Berkey Water Filter Review



Travel Berkey water filter is small and easy to use. This water filter comes with a fluoride filter, it also removes excess fluoride from water. Berkey is a good and reputed company that makes good quality of indoor water filters for different places like home, offices, and apartments.

There have been a large number of comments on this water filter, we cover all these comments about this product in our article. We studied all the comments to give you ye honest review of Berkey water filter. We hope our article proves to be helpful for you.


Here is the Berkey water filter system review. You can buy it without any worries. This filter is a portable water filter that can be easily fitted in the house wherever you want. The filtration of water is performed inside the stainless steel container which keeps the water safe from bacteria and viruses. It works on auto mode when you fill this water filter from tap water. It works on modern physics rule which is gravity to force rule. The gravity passes the water through the filtration container then water will be stored in the storage tank.


So now we will tell you about the features of this water filter system. After reading these features, you will be able to generate the Berkey water filtration system reviews by yourself.


As we know that this filter unit comes in different sizes and capacities. And these filter systems fulfill the needs of all areas like home, office, and apartments. You can use this filtration system outdoor when you go on hiking and camping. The majority of people think that this filtration system is best for homes and offices. If we talk generally then the function of all filter systems is the same.


If we use the large size of this filtration system then more water will be injected in it for filtration and we get more clean and safe water for drinking by this simple process. This filtration system can be handled up to a maximum of 8 cartridges at one time which is the highest capacity.

We are preferring this to you after considering the big Berkey water filter review. The review was completely positive. And the people who are using this filter system are quite happy with it.


This company claims that their filter has exceeded the NSF/ANSI standard which is very good because if one standard is set by NSF/ANSI and company accomplish the requirements of safety and go beyond these requirements then this filter system is the best. I recommend this to everybody. Buy this filtration system for their home offices and apartments. The filter of this filtration system is tested in an EPA-approved laboratory and this fact is enough for the buyers.

This company gives a long list of water contaminants that are removed by this filtration system. This company claims that this is the largest list ever given by the company in the market. The list given by this company of containments is actually removed by this filtration system and they claim these things but they also work for the betterment of the health. This company has raised the bar of filtration systems in the water filter industry and we can trust this filtration system for our home and office.


Pathogenic bacteria elimination is one of it’s a different point from other companies. This point makes it different and unique from other companies in the market. This company claims that their filtration system removes 100% of pathogens from water and you can enjoy good and clean water which is very important for you and your family health. Eventually, the filter system in the market removes the pathogens by using  UV light which has a lot of negative impacts on human health that’s why UV light is not good for human health but this filtration system is very smart and human friendly. It removes all contaminants without using a UV light, this feature is a very unique feature because we all know that the UV light has a negative impression on the human body. So we can say that this filtration system is very human friendly and ideal for health.


All filters which are made by this company are gravity-fed filters. They don’t need any connection to pipes and this feature is very economical and pocket friendly and saves your money. As we mentioned earlier that no tubing is attached to the system and you can fit this filtration system anywhere in the house, office, and apartments. It saves you money and space. It also free ups the space near your sink where conventional water filters are located and these conventional water filters cover a huge amount of space. Also, the conventional filtration system is not pocket friendly because the huge amount is required for its installation.

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The two main filters that are used by the company for all filter systems are the Black Berkey filter and the PF2 fluoride filter. So first we will discuss the black Berkey and then PF2 fluoride filter system.


This filter is a microporous filter because it has so many pores in it. These pores are less than 2nm in diameter. This system is a cleanable purifier element which eliminated all bacteria such as harmful pathogens and viruses in the drinking water.


This filter does one work that it removes all fluorides from water. This filter also removes arsenic and some of the heavy metal ions which are present in the water. In our opinion, this system is one of the best water filters that remove excess fluoride from water. This company claims that its filter system is capable to remove up to 99% of the top 20 contaminants, bacteria, and viruses from water. This is highly recommended because Berkey water filter review fluoride is positive.


Before the installation of this filter system, you must read the following points.

  1. First, you have to rinse your filter units for 20 seconds on the tap as in beginning.
  2. We stated earlier there is no need for drilling and connection from your main pipe, you just need to make the hole on the two Black Berkey with an optional of PF2/PF4 fluoride filters on your filter system.
  3. There is no need for a plumber at the time of installation of this filtration system because the company claims that it will save your huge amount when you will install this filtration system.

You also watch the video, we give on our website before you install this filtration system. The company made the installation very easy so everybody installs this filtration system in their home, office, and apartments. This filtration system also saves your space, this filtration system is ideal for smaller places where space is a big issue.


This company claims that this filtration system doesn’t need frequent replacement of the filters. Since this system is re-cleanable, you can use this filtration system for a longer period of time. The company gives replacement schedules on their website but for your convenience, we also included this thing in our article which is shown below:

  • A pair of filters for black Berkey: 6000 Gallons approximately.
  • A pair of filters for PF2 Filters: 1000 Gallons or 2 years approximately.
  • Annual Maintenance Cost of this filter system is 80 dollars.


This company gives a lifetime warranty on all of their products. This filtration system comes with 6 months warranty when the manufacturer defects come. However, if you register your first buy on their website then you will be able to get the lifetime warranty from the company. But this offer is limited for some filtration systems made by this company. Beside it, this company’s filter comes with 2 years limited prorated warranty if the manufacturer’s defects come in the first 6 months.

Our review of the warranty for this filtration system is good and you can easily buy this filtration system for you and your family.


  • The biggest complaint about this filtration system from the customer side is the frequent cleaning required for the filtration system. If you don’t clean filter frequently then it will affect the flow rate of the filtration system.


  • This filtration system is working on the principal gravity-fed, the flow rate in this filtration system is slower as compared to the pressure led filter. This is also the negative point of this filtration system. The company suggested that you fill up your filtration when it is empty from water, not when you feel thirsty.


  • This system is portable as we mentioned earlier, sometimes the filtration system can be bulky which took up a lot of space in your home, office, and apartment. If you want to avoid this problem, then you can buy a lightweight water filter system. I am recommending this to you because the Berkey light water filter system review is positive.

We all know that in this world if anything has some positive points so at the same time that thing also has some negative points. We had discussed many positive points of this filtration system and at the same time, we also told you the drawbacks of this filtration system. Now you have to decide that should you buy this filtration system or not.

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Pros & Cons

  • This filtration system doesn’t need unnecessary installation.
  • There is no need to put holes in an expensive filtration system.
  • This filtration system is portable.
  • This filtration system is easy to clean.
  • The first drawback of this filtration system is you have to fill this filtration system manually with water.
  • This filtration system is portable so it takes up your valuable space.
  • This water filter only uses black Berkey filters as standard you should not use other filters because they don’t work. Only one model uses two of these filters, but it depends on the model. If you will use a high model and want to get more result then you might be used up to 8 of these. If you want to get more result then the water flow rate should be high. This filtration system can produce up to 26 gallons of water each hour. This thing is only possible when you use a maximum of 8 filters. You can also operate with just 2 filters, but again the water flow rate and water purification level are very less and you will not get desirable results.
  • This filtration system has standard black filters which can also be paired with fluoride eliminator and arsenic removal. If you are using two black filters in this filtration system then you could also have maximum results.


This filter system is one of the best gravity-fed water filters in the market. When we compared it with others then we concluded that this system is best. This filter system is banned in Iowa and California but we still recommended this filter system because there are many reasons for buying it which we had mentioned below. You can read these reasons in our article. And if you will consider the Berkey water filter review, then you will definitely buy it.


This filtration system has a premium quality cartridge. This filtration unit is capable of removing the top 20 major contaminants like bacteria and viruses of up to 99% from your water and make your water safe for drinking. But the story is not finished because this filtration system is capable of eliminating pathogenic bacteria without using a UV light. Remember that UV light ha negative impressions on the human body.



This filtration system has portability as we see in the case of a water pitcher which can be easily moved where ever you want which means the filtration system has a storage tank that can be filled up with water.


If we see the capability of removing contaminants, like viruses and bacteria then the replacement cost of the filters is relatively minor for such a great and smart water filtration system.


This filtration system comes with a lifetime warranty if there is no manufacturer defect. The company gives a 6-month warranty if manufacturer defect comes in this water filtration system.

This is set by the company that no other filters work in this filtration system. One model of filtration system uses a minimum of 2 of these but depending on the model if the model is large and of high capacity, it may be able to use up to 8 of these filters.

If you are using more filters it increases the water flow rate of the water filter system, for example, one filtration system can produce up to 26 gallons of water in each hour when you will use the maximum 8 filters in your filtration system. It can work with just 2 filters, but remember the water flow rate and water purification level will be very low and you will not get high amount of water. After reading the above written article, you will come to know about the Berkey water filter review. And after that you will be able to make the good decision.