Water Filtration


Water filtration is a system or procedure that is used to terminate harmful particles or pollutants from water. It doesn’t mean it’s only the filtration but any process through which we remove the bacteria, dirt agricultural waste or chemical waste and other substances that are present in the water, is also included in the water purification process. And if we don’t eliminate these impurities then the water we drink is not safe for us instead of taking advantage we take a disadvantage of drinking water which is dangerous for our body.

Water filtration system

Water filtration system

As I mentioned above that any process which filters the water doesn’t mean that it is the one and only way to clean the water, but we also get the results by boiling the water. But there is one disadvantage of boiling the water. For boiling the water we need a lot of time and energy. And when we have all these things we don’t get desirable results because when we boil the water we don’t only remove the impurities but we also remove the things which are required for our body. So boiling is not a good option. The filtration is best because now we have a filtration system that is very smart and intelligent. There are a lot of reasons for using water filters. Here are some reasons:

1.The water filtration system filters water in less time.
2.The water filtration system does not need much energy as we see in the boiling that it needs a lot of energy and time.
3.The water filtration system removes harmful products, not the useful products that our body needs.


Water is an inorganic substance that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Water consists of the earthy hydrogen sphere and fluid of most living organisms. Water is very important for all the creatures of the universe either they are human beings, animals, and all those creatures created by God that we don’t know. They need water for their survival even though water has no calories, which means it doesn’t provide us calories. It is free of calories.

water filtration system


The chemical formula of water is H2O. It consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom in it’s structure. The two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom are connected with the help of a covalent bond.


Water is the name of a liquid state. The standard temperature and pressure are needed to maintain that liquid state. If the temperature decreases then it changes into ice and if the temperature increases then it changes into steam which is gas. Water is present in different forms. Precipitation is formed by the water in the form of rain and aerosol. Clouds are formed from the suspended droplet of water and ice. When we divide Ice into crystalline form then it becomes snow. If we see the water in the form of gas then it becomes steam and water vapor.

Water is moving throughout the water cycle. Let’s have an eye on the components of the water cycle that are four in number

4.precipitation and runoff usually reaching the sea.


Water covers 71% of Earth’s surface but whole water is not drinkable. The water we can drink is called soft water. The greater part of the water is in the sea and ocean which is hard water and you can’t drink that water. A little portion of water is in the shape of groundwater that is 1.7%. Some part of the water is present in the glacier and icecaps in the Antarctica region and Greenland as well. 1.7% of water is present in the air as water vapor and cloud(a form of ice and water suspended in the air).


Our body is constituted of 60% of water. Our body needs water for its proper functioning because our cells, tissue, and organs are mostly made up of water. For their proper functioning, the water is very important. Our body loses water in various form, like when we breathe water is discharged, when we sweat a large amount of water is expelled when we excrete water goes out of our body in the form of urine. So water is required by our bodies in a large amount.

In order to keep our body hydrated, we need a good quality of water. We need a good quality of water to regulate the functioning of our bodies. We will have a good quality of water only when filtered and pure water will be available to us. In the Market, every company claims that we provide good quality of water filtration system. Now it’s all up to you that you select good quality of water filtration system. But here are some characteristics you keep in your mind when you will buy the water filtration system.

1.it should be affordable, not too much expensive
2.It should not consume very less energy
3.It should work fast and consumes less time


There is no definite requirement of water. Every person requires water in different quantity. A lot of factors are involved in it, like age, sex, height, weight, and climate.


Children don’t need too much water because the requirement for the child’s body is not too much. If we talk about adults so they really need a greater amount of water as compare to children. The requirement of our body for water is increased because at that time the organs of our bodies are expanding.


Similarly, if you are taller than others then the water requirement of your body will be more. And if you are shorter then the water requirement of your body will be less than others.


Climate is the most important factor for the human body. If the climate is hot then you need more water and if the climate is cold then the human body requires less water. But for the human body requirement of water is dependent upon sex as well.


Male needs 3.7 liters of water in their daily intake which is equal to 15 cups.


Female needs 2.7 liters of water in their daily intake which is equal to 11 cups.


Children need one liter of water in their daily intake.


There are a lot of impurities present in the water. We will discuss them one-by-one. Let’s discuss the first general impurity.

Dirty or impure water contains elements known as total suspended solids. It consists of dust, dirt, sand, clay, and rust. These elements are present in water to make the water dirty cloudy and muddy. These elements are also present in the essential component of water such as  hydrogen which is the basic component of healthy and pure water. Hydrogen also has digesting property. If anything comes in contact with the hydrogen and water then it dissolves rapidly but due to these impurities the water lack hydrogen and oxygen and as a result, it causes illness to the human body because the human body needs nutrients which are not dissolved by the human body. Due to these impurities, we need a good quality of water filtration system. Through this water filtration system, we will remove these impurities and make the water pure and clear. Then our body will have a good quality of water which makes our body healthy and strong. Let’s discuss some impurities in the water.

1.Biological impurities
2.colloidal impurities


Water contains lots of biological impurities such as protozoa, pathogens, bacterial viruses, microbes and parasites along with their cysts and eggs are contaminated. All these impurities make the water dirty and impure and make it unfit for drinking. The microorganism reproduces very quickly and the reproduction of this microorganism is very alarming for the world. Due to this microorganism, the gastrointestinal disease spreads very quickly around the world which is very dangerous for the population of the world. And it spreads in all ages including both spreads, male and female. Diseases through contaminated water will be discussed later. Again we  cannot neglect the role of good quality water filtration system because if you have good quality water filtration system then you will have clean drinking water because our body consists of 60% of water, so good quality of water is very important for our body because tissue, cells, organ organs all need good quality of water for their proper functioning. And good quality of water you will find only if you have a good quality of water filtration system. So from all discussions, we came to know that the water filtration system is very important in our daily lives.


Colloidal impurities contain two things. The first one is the waste product and the second one is the amino acid. This problem is due to the suspended particles like sand, dust, mud and organic matter flowing in Rivers, Lakes, and streams. Due to this impurity, the water is very unsafe for drinking, so again we need a good water filtration system that can fight against these impurities and provide us good and clean good. let’s talk about some of these.


Gases that are picked up from the atmosphere are poured down through the rain. When this water enters the river and lakes then it is used by us. We use this water in our daily life which is unsafe for our usage. Secondly, the decomposition of animals and plants near the river, water, and lakes takes place. It is also the biggest reason that impurities are added in the water. Then the wastewater and sewage from our industry. In the earlier time periods, water was not too much impure because there were no industries. But now there are a number of industries that are increasing day by day. So we found our water more impure. There are a large number of electrolytes present in river water like calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, and chloride. In river water, these electrolytes make the water impure. The importance of a water filtration system cannot be neglected to clean the contaminated water.

The organic compounds from agriculture and domestic industries are the main cause of impure water. An organic compound from medical wastewater and equipment is the main reason for contaminated water. As we stated earlier that microorganisms can pollute water by taking the calcium and magnesium salt. However, these germs can also silicate along with ferrous and non-ferrous iron-based compounds. These all were the reasons stated above for water pollution.


The water with so many impurities is unsafe for us. These impurities in the water make it unclean and only a good water filtration system can clean it. The water filtration system works in such a way that it removes chloride and magnesium that make water hard. So when these impurities will be removed then water will be clean and safe for us. The water filtration system also removes the microorganism that makes our water unsafe and dirty so the water filtration system works very efficiently to clean the water and make it safe for us.


Contaminated water is not the problem of some countries but it is the problem of the whole world. Survey says that around 3.1% of deaths in the world are due to unhealthy and contaminated water. The World Health Organization estimated that 80% of diseases are caused by water including blindness, which is a very serious disease for humans. We should filter the water to keep ourselves safe from diseases.


Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease that affects humans and animals. It is also waterborne disease just because mosquitos have aquatic phases in their life cycle. The symptoms of malaria include fever, headache, and fatigue. If we will not treat malaria then it may cause death. So it is a very dangerous disease that spreads through contaminated water. In order to prevent it, we have to drink clean water


It is also a waterborne disease that spreads from the contaminated water. Diarrhea is occurring all over the world and it shared 80% of death all over the world. 5% of Health lost to disability. The most common type of diarrhea is a gastrointestinal infection which kills 2.2 million people around the world. This is quite alarming for the world because it spreads from contaminated water, so contaminated water is very dangerous. We can’t ignore this fact that diarrhea finishes whole water in the body which in turn causes death. Diarrhea  is of two types:

1.Watery diarrhea
2.Bloody diarrhea

It is also associated with other diseases such as measles and, chemical irritation of the gut or non-infectious bowel disease can also occur due to diarrhea. It is a symptom of an infection caused by a host of bacteria viruses and parasites. Organisms that spread through contaminated water. So clean water is very important for life and nowadays natural water is not clean. You should take steps to clean the water and you just clean the water with the help of a good water filtration system.


Cholera is a bacterial disease and cholera also spreads through contaminated and impure water. Cholera causes fever, diarrhea, and dehydration if it remains untreated it can be very dangerous. It may be fatal and kill the individuals. It is also a waterborne disease. Cholera is eliminated from the developed countries through modern technology but it is still the largest problem in the third world countries like Africa, East Asia, and Haiti.  The symptoms of cholera are diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting and last but not the least is dehydration. We talked about the diarrhea earlier in a detail. Diarrhea is also caused by the contaminated water.

A.Nausea And Vomiting: Vomiting occur especially in the early stage of cholera and can last for hours.
B.Dehydration: Dehydration starts from the first hour of cholera but it is mild in the starting and later on it increases. Electrolyte imbalance causes two diseases muscle cramps and Shocks.
1.Muscle Cramps:  this is due to the rapid loss of salt from bodies such as sodium and chloride.
2.Shocks:  shocks are due to the severe loss of water and mineral from your body which causes a sudden drop in the volume of blood which in turn causes a drop in blood pressure and as a result amount of oxygen in our body becomes low. We can’t deny the importance of oxygen. Loss of oxygen can cause death in minutes.

All the above diseases can be prevented by clean water. Therefore, we must think of a good water filtration system. Otherwise, we can suffer through all of these diseases.


trachoma is the infection of eye which causes blindness after re-infection again and again. Most of blindness in the world is caused by trachoma. It spreads in underdeveloped countries where the people have limited access to water and health facility. It is also a waterborne disease like diarrhea and spreads from contaminated water. Trachoma passes from person to person and from child to child and from mother to child. It mainly spreads where the people live in overcrowded areas. Trachoma is usually caused by the bug called chlamydia trachomatous which lives in the contaminated water.

The Number Of Affected People From Trachoma:

According to the World Health Organization, 6 million people around the world are blind by the trachoma and around 150 million people are those who need treatment. For the moment we can think that 6 million people are blind. We can save more people from this disease just by doing one thing and that is cleaning the water by the water filtration system. When we will drink clean water, we will not have these diseases because the main cause of these diseases is contaminated water.


Hepatitis is a broad term. There are a lot of types of hepatitis such as  A B C D and E. And there are a lot of reasons because of which hepatitis spreads but here we discuss only two types of hepatitis A and E. Hepatitis A and E spread through the fecal-oral route but the main thing is that Hepatitis A and E can be transmitted through water and food especially through drinking water. Usually, people dig a hole that is called a pit or latrine. The waste products move in the soil  and near that latrine, there is a well or tube well. So abnormal connection between well and that latrine is created and it is the start of spreading of hepatitis A and E through contaminated water.


the symptoms of hepatitis A and B start from fever, body weakness, loss of appetite, nausea_ and abdominal discomfort.


From all the research, we came to know that 80% of diseases spread from contaminated or dirty water but if we spend a little bit of money on the water filtration system then we can save ourselves from these dangerous diseases that can be sometimes very fatal. Because a lot of people died from these diseases in the world. So the water filtration system is very necessary for the house Factory, school, colleges, and universities because we won’t die from these diseases.

If you can pend a lot of money on the Cure of that diseases then why not spend a couple of hundred dollars on a good water filtration system so you can save yourself from that disease and also save our coming generation from those diseases


There are many types of water filters. Today we will discuss them one by one. Different water filters work differently because everyone has their own mechanism and design and they work according to their design. They all are listed below and we are trying to cover them one by one.

1.Activated carbon filter
2.Reverse osmosis
3.Alkaline water ionizer
4.Ultraviolet filters
5.Infrared filters



These filters are also known as carbon filters or pre-filters and generally, they work. They remove large particles such as dust particles, clay, mud, and sand from your water and make your water clean and soft. These filters work in the manner that they attract these large particles and absorb these particles of sand, clay, mud, and dust and make your water free of these impurities and make it safe for your use.

These filters work in that fashion. That they make the taste and smell of the water good and pleasant. They work on the formula. They remove the extra amount of chlorine and other contaminated things that make your water smelly.

Let’s go a little bit deep to see how actually the activated carbon filter work and through which process.  The Activated carbon water filter work through the process of absorption. They soak up particles into water absorption and adhere particle to surface like a piece of Velcro.

Organic compound sticks to the surface of carbon filters because water and contaminated particles both are polar compounds that attract one and another. They work on the principle that polar dissolves polar and non-polar dissolves nonpolar. So this is the process through which activated carbon filter work and make the water clean and safe for us.


These types of water filters are extremely famous nowadays. Because it works in the fashion that removes all contaminations and impurities which are very dangerous for your life and makes the water clean and safe for your health. The end result is odor-free and good taste. Let’s see the history first when reverse osmosis was started.


In the past, it was used for the separation of seawater from the salt. And in our world when the population is growing rapidly the reverse osmosis filter is best invention. Popular companies adopted this technique to save their water in the bottle from these contaminants.


I am not going to confuse you by giving scientific methods but I telling you in a simple way that how the reverse osmosis filter work. The reverse osmosis water filter has a semipermeable membrane. The term reverse osmosis is used to create pressure on water and the water is exerted and pass-through the semi-permeable membrane and the contamination like sand dust particles or any other contamination is strapped in that membrane and water became free of these contaminations.


Reverse osmosis filter consists of pre-filter reverse osmosis, post-filter tank, and storage tank.


Aa water enters in the filter, we put water first in the pre-filter tank. This tank traps the larger particle like sand and dust particles. After that, we pressurize the water and it is sent into the reverse osmosis membrane. This section removes all the contamination which is not needed by the human body and after that, the water goes in the storage tank and becomes ready for use.

so far this reverse osmosis is the best water filtration system in the world which work in the perfect way so from this process how the reverse osmosis is work without confusing you to tell about the scientific way


These filters work on the principle of electrolysis. In this process we can tell you water is passed from the plates which are electrically charged and it is separated into two groups. It means two groups are formed in this process, one group is alkaline and the second one is acidic. It was the overview of this system. Let’s have an eye on the detailed process.

Alkaline water means its pH changes. The pH of anything tells us how the substance is acidic or alkaline. On the scale, the pH is from 1 to 14. From 1to 7 it is acidic and from 7 to 14 it is alkaline. If the pH is 1 it means that the substance is very acidic and if pH is 13 it means the substance is very alkaline.

Alkaline water has a higher pH than the normal water, we use in our daily life if the water is more alkaline than it is neutralized the acidity of water which is good for our body.

Normal drinking water generally has a neutral pH of 7 but the water which is alkaline has the pH 9 or 10. So through alkaline water ionizer, we also get the water which is good for our body.


water filtration

Alkaline water has many benefit

1.Cancer prevention
2.Cardiovascular benefits
3.Skin benefits
4.taste benefits

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Cancer prevention:

The most mind-blowing benefit of alkaline water is the prevention of cancer because it has antioxidant properties. It is believed by the scientist that substance who has an antioxidant property prevents free radicals from damage. Cell and its DNA by eliminates these free radicals and keeps them from causing the cellular disruption that can lead to cancer.

Healthy Cardiovascular System:

Recent research says that alkaline water is very good for the cardiovascular system which includes arteries, veins and Heart. It is believed that oxygen can leave free radical which can cause damage to the cardiovascular system. So alkaline water has strong antioxidant properties therefore it prevents free radicals to damage the cardiovascular system.

Skin benefit

Alkaline water is very useful for the skin because you know it has very strong antioxidant properties. If you wash your face with regular water then it is not as much as effective as alkaline water. Because alkaline water makes you younger. It also removes fine wrinkles and also removes bacteria which is dangerous for your skin. It also prevents acne. You get all these skin benefits if you use alkaline water.


Alkaline water is said to be good in taste than the regular water. You will also get a great taste of food when you cook your food in it. You will get all these benefits of anticancer, health of cardiovascular systems, and good taste by using water ionizer filters.


These type of filters are new in the market because this technology is recently introduced in the market. Now look at it this water filter how it works on ultraviolet radiation mechanism. Ultraviolet radiation is used to treat water. This ultraviolet radiation has the ability to kill many bacteria that are dangerous for your health. The ultraviolet filter is the best defense against the microorganism and bacteria because the ultraviolet water filter uses electromagnetic energy from the light to eliminate the bacteria and microorganisms especially E-coli by altering their DNA and prevent the ability to reproduce. The ultraviolet filter is tested that it kills 99.99 percent bacteria which is very harmful to your health.

Benefits Of Ultra Violet Filters:

  • There are a lot of benefits of ultraviolet water filters. Because they provide protection against the bacteria and microorganisms especially E-coli, Clostridium and Garden.
  • It does not require the additional chemicals which can change your water smell and odor, because it is using electromagnetic energy from light.
  • The other benefit of ultraviolet water filter is it uses less energy.
  • If you need a more environment-friendly water filter than this filter is best for you because it uses electromagnetic energy which it takes from light and does not need any chemical or additional Heat.


We discussed a lot of filters. Here is another filter that is infrared filters, if you live in a hard water area where the water is not soft then this infrared filter is perfect for you because it works on the technology which makes the water soft just like an alkaline filter which uses electromagnetic energy to treat the water. Infrared filter also use heat and light to change the water and make it soft and prepare the water for our daily use. Infrared rays are invisible rays. We cannot see them with the naked eye. These invisible rays of infrared light promote the growth of cells in the human body by using infrared water filter. In some cases these Infrared filters strengthen our body because they have an exception enrichment of the water. Infrared filtration water system may allow bringing the energized water while getting superior hydration, there are several effects of infrared water filter that they soften the water but the water which is treated by the infrared water filter prevents bacterial growth. It also regulates the blood flow increase resistance against the various disease and also balances the acidity level in our body. Research shows us that the water treated by this system is eliminating fat from our body and make us fit. This filtration system also removes many circulatory diseases from our bodies nowadays, the system is very useful for us. So what are you waiting for, install this filtration system in your home, Factory, school, college, and universities.


Nowadays water filters come in different shapes, sizes, and appearance but there are different type of water filter and they work differently. Some work physically and some work chemically, and some work in both ways, physically and chemically.


Physically it sets a barrier and encloses the large particles like sand, mud, and dust in it.


Chemically the water filter work and kill all the microorganism and chemical organism which are not good for our health.

I mentioned earlier that there are different water filters and they work differently so let’s see which water filter works in which manner.


These filters are the most selling filters used in the house. Nowadays charcoal is a very porous form of carbon, which means it contains a large number of holes in it so a lot of contaminated things like sand, mud sticks on the outer surface. But the problem is how to remove sediments? So carbon also plays an important role in the removal of sediments. Caron also acts as a magnet for the compound like Lead and Mercury. It traps contamination internally when water passes through the filter and chemical like chlorine is trapped when water comes in contact with carbon. And you find pure water free from contamination and other impurities. And also find good health by drinking good and clean water. This is the procedure for how does activate carbon filter work.


Here is another type of water filter. Let’s have an eye on it’s working. The chemical process takes place in the filtration sodium and releases the heavy metal in your water. The sodium is exchanged with heavy metal and remove these heavy metal from your water and make it soft for you. But there is one drawback of ion exchange. It raises the amount of sodium in your water which is very dangerous for the person who is on a low sodium diet.


This filter works in a unique way. It creates pressure and then the water goes through a semi-permeable membrane with the greater velocity and then contamination is stuck in membrane and water goes in the storage tank. And you will get clean water but this filtration has one drawback that it does not remove some pesticide solvent and metal such as chlorine and radon. But reverse osmosis is a good choice because it uses little energy and also works in no time, so it saves energy and time both.


Let’s talk about infrared water filter that how they work. If you live in that area where the hard water is present this water filter is perfect for you. It makes the water very soft. Infrared water filter uses light and heat to create a negative chance which makes the water soft for our daily use. Infrared Rays are very useful in many manners. these invisible rays cannot be seen with naked eyes. When these rays enter the human body, they promote the growth of the different organs of the human body. So when you drink this water it enters your body and makes your organ strong. So infrared water filter is also a good choice for you.


 How these  filters work let’s have an eye on the procedure:

These filters work on the mechanism of ultraviolet radiation. It uses ultraviolet radiation to treat the water. This ultraviolet radiation has the ability to kill many bacteria which is very dangerous for your health. It provides the best defense against bacteria and microorganisms because it uses electromagnetic energy from light to eliminate microorganisms and bacteria especially E-coli. E-coli is very dangerous for our health. So the ultraviolet filter technique is new in the market and a lot of people adopted these filters because it kills 99.99 percent bacteria and microorganism and provide us clean and safe water for drinking.


This filter works on the principle of electrolysis which happens in this process. We can tell you water is passed from the plate which is electrically charged. It is separated into two groups means two groups are formed one group is acidic and the second group is alkaline. Let’s go deeper. It works on the pH of water which means it changes the pH of water. The normal pH of water is 7 which is near neutral. Below the 7 it is acidic and above the 7 it is alkaline. If the pH is 1 then it’s mean it is more acidic than if pH is 13 then it’s mean it is more alkaline. It is very useful because it has a lot of health benefits which are stated earlier. If you want to read them then go back and read the benefit of this filter.


When the question arises in our mind about drinking water. Then every family is asking for the best water filter in their life and they are right because water has a deep connection with our body. Our body constitutes 60% of water and our cell tissue and organ can’t work properly. When the quality of water is low every water filter brand is working differently because they work according to their technology. If you ever buy the water filter for your home or office then the information given below is very helpful.


As we mentioned above all water filters are not same, they work on different technology.

The quality of filter varies from Brand to Brand. Each of them is specialized in eliminating the specific type of contaminant, just because of filtered water. The filter is NSF certified and it’s not guaranteed to remove any specific contaminant. Some filter works on more than one technology or says multiple technologies and some are working on singular technology. Now we will discuss the common method of water filtration. This thing helps you to understand which water filter is better for you.

Water filtration method

Before you buy any water filter read our article. In this article we will cover all water filters and how they work and which technology they use.

Activated carbon

Carbon removes contaminants by chemical method. Carbon is attached to the water that is poured into the system. Some removes only effective chlorine which only improves taste and odor of water while others remove some dangerous metal such as Mercury and Lead.


Distillation is a very old method of filtering water. In this method, we boil the water at high temperatures. Their vapors are condensed back at drinkable liquid water. This method removes bacteria and microorganisms. This method cannot eliminate chlorine because chlorine has a high boiling point.


Those filter which works on this technology promote ionization to exchange in your water in order to eliminate salt and other charged ions. Living organisms such as bacteria and microorganisms and viruses cannot be removed by this filtration method. It is a drawback of these filters.

Ion exchange

Ion exchange technology is also used by many filters in the market. These water filter are used in that area where the water is very hard and these filters are specialized to make the water soft because they exchange ions like calcium and magnesium with sodium but this water filter is not good for a person who is on a low sodium diet, because the level of sodium in the diet is very high.

Reverse osmosis

Many of the filters in the market work on this technology because it is quite famous. Filters that work on this technology works in the manner in which the water forcefully passed from semi-permeable membrane. The large contaminant is left behind and the clear water moves in forward direction in storage tank. It removes more contaminant than the carbon filters.


Mechanical  filters are very popular among the consumer. These filters only remove the sediments and cysts. These filters don’t remove chemical contaminants because they only contain small holes which block larger contaminant. If your water has an undesirable quantity of dirt then this filter is very suitable for you.


Like mechanical filter, water filters are very much in demand, because these filters also kill microorganisms. Ozone filters do not remove chemical contaminants. You should notice that filter as well when you buy the water filter.

Carbon block

These type of carbon filter are very effective than the other carbon filters because they are made up of crushed carbon particles. The other thing which makes them very effective is the larger surface area. The rate at which the water passed from these filters  has a greater impact on the level of effectiveness. This carbon filter has greater tendency to kill more contaminant than the other carbon filters.

Granulated carbon


As from the name you identify that these filters made from small granules of carbon but they have one drawback which makes them slightly unpopular among the others. As compared to block carbon filters they have small surface area. Filtration also depends on the speed of water flowing through them.

Water softener

These type of water filters work on II next-gen technology to make the hard water soft. These water filters exchange hard metals like calcium and magnesium with sodium. But one disadvantage of these filters is that they are very dangerous for the people who are on low sodium diet. We described all the method on which water filters work.

Now it’s up to you that which method you want to use. Must check that which water filter suits your area more and select water filters according to your needs. We hope our article proves to be helpful for you when you select water filters.



The are a lot of water filters and they use different technologies. We will tell you all the technologies on which water filters work.

  • Some water filters work on the ultraviolet technology. These filters work using ultraviolet radiation. They treat the water with ultraviolet radiation.
  • Some work on the alkaline water ionizer technology. They use electrolysis processes to split the water with two poles. The number one is an alkaline pole and number two is acidic pole.
  • Some are working on the infrared water filter technology. They treat the water with the infrared rays which are good for our body.
  • Some are working on water softener technology. They exchange hard ion like chloride and magnesium with soft ion like sodium but these water filters are dangerous for those who are on a low sodium diet.
  • Some are working on the granulated carbon technology. They also kill the contaminated microorganisms but they have one drawback that they have smaller surface area.
  • Some filters work on the carbon block technology. These filters are made up of crushed carbon particles. These water filters are very effective because they have a larger surface area.
  • Some filters work on the mechanical technology. They have small pores. They only kill sediments and they don’t kill chemical organisms.
  • Some are working on the ozone technology, they are also like mechanical filters and they also kill sediments.
  • Some are working on the reverse osmosis technology. Water passes from a semipermeable membrane and the contaminated organisms are left behind and water moves in the forward direction.
  • Some are working on the activated carbon technology. In this technology carbon is attached with water and kills all physical and chemical contamination. This method is very effective.

Here are some technologies in the market found, now it’s up to you which technology you select for your home and kitchen.


Basic water filter technology is reverse osmosis technology because there are many reasons that make this technology simple and popular among the people. The water filters implanted in this technology consists of three tanks one is pre-filter tank number 2 is filter tank and number three is post or storage tank. In this process water is passed with high velocity through semipermeable membrane, the contaminants are left behind and the water goes forward in storage tank. And water becomes ready for use. But the filter that use this technology has one drawback or disadvantage. It does not remove some pesticide, solvent and, metal such as chlorine and radon but this technology is still better than the all because it consumes less energy and it takes less time for filtration of water.


There are a lot of benefits of using filtered water. Some of them are stated below:


As we know tap water has a very bad odor and taste. When you will use filtered water you will have a good taste and odor, because tap water is treated with chemicals and heavy metals and filtered water is free from all metals and chemicals.


Tap water has a high percentage of chlorine because tap water is treated with chlorine which makes its odor and taste bad. Filtered water is free from chlorine. Research says that cancer exposure is 93% more in those people who use chlorinated water.


You know bottled water is very expensive and you save your money by using filtered water. So filtered water is more economical than bottled water. It is 30 times more expensive than filtered water.


Another disadvantage of tap water is that it contains a large number of heavy metals like Mercury, Arsenic, and Lead. These metals are very dangerous for our health. Filtered water is very good for our health because it is free from all these heavy metals.


Another benefit of filtered water is that it improves our digestion because of the good quality. This water transports good minerals all over the body if you will have good minerals and nutrients in your body it make your digestion very good.


Alkaline water decrease the acidity of your water. As a  result it reduced your acid reflux and heartburn as well. We know alkaline water filters change the pH of the water to 8 or 9 making the water more alkaline.


Filtered water improves our skin and the tap water does not because if you use filtered water then the fine wrinkles on your face are removed. It also has anti-aging affect so you will look more younger if you use filtered water.


If you use filtered water then your weigh will also be reduced, because it decreases your appetite and if you consume fewer calories than your weight will be in control and you will be in greater shape.


Filtered water also has antioxidant property because it prevents free radicals which leave by oxygen. These free radicals are very dangerous for our body because they alter the DNA of cell which promote malignancy.

So there are a lot of benefits of drinking filtered water as we stated above. Hope so you will be satisfied about the benefit of using filtered water.


Water filtration is very essential. Here the water quality is not too much good as you want and you need good and clean water. One thing you should get about that the filter you are using is effectively removing all contaminants and bacteria. Water filtration is the process in which the filter clean the water of  impurities  through a homemade filtration system. With the chemical method or by using some biological or mechanical process one thing keep in mind that the water filter focuses on cleaning impurities or other microbes.

Water filters are coming in different sizes. You have to select the water filter according to your need that how much water you want to filter. Another thing keep in your mind that water filter does not completely remove the impurities some microorganisms or viruses are left behind.


Water purification is the name of the system in which we remove all impurities by using the chemical process from water. The impurities include all microorganism like bacteria and viruses and chemicals. In this process we only use chlorine and iodine to purify the water. By eliminating the microorganisms, viruses and bacteria we make the water safe for us. But one thing keep in your mind, not all the contaminants are not removed through water purification, some microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses are left behind which make water unsafe. It was the comparison of water filtration and water purification



Pros & Cons

  • This water filter is affordable
  • it is not too much expensive you can switch with filtered and unfiltered water
  • it is ideal for cooking and drinking water
  • Filter should be changed every month as time passes.
  • the rate of filtration becomes slow
  • it takes more space.



Pros & Cons

  • Less expensive
  • no installation is needed
  • it also not cover too many spaces
  • it uses less energy
  • It is very economical
  • Filter should be change every month as time passes.
  • the rate of filtration is low
  • it covers more space


Pros & Cons

  • Remove most unwanted bacteria and virus
  • It also removes sediments like mud, clay, sand and dust particles.
  • it doesn’t cover too many spaces
  • Five-step process filter should be replace frequently.
  • it also very expensive everyone can’t afford it.
  • it also wastes a lot of water.


Pros & Cons

  • Remove heavy metal like arsenic, chlorine, radon and Mercury
  • It uses a lot of energy
  • it also covers more space
  • Above all, it is very expensive


Pros & Cons

  • It does not use heat or chemicals to remove contaminants.
  • chemical which is used by other filters that make the taste and odor of the water very bad but this filter does not use chemicals so that the taste and odor is very good.
  • Any color in water will prevent ultraviolet from working.
  • sometimes filtration is necessary prior to ultraviolet has a low Effectiveness for removing chemicals.


So from all the discussion above we concluded that the water filtration system is very important in our daily life in schools, offices, factories, home, and kitchens. Because as we stated earlier that our body is 60% made up  from water. All cells, tissues and organs in our body use water for their proper functioning but what happen if we don’t use water filtration system? The quality of our water will be low and there will be a lot of problems with us like cardiovascular problems, skin problems blindness, and malignancy problems.

If you do not want all these problems in your life then use the good quality filtration system in your home and kitchen. Another thing if you don’t use filtered water then the bottled water is very expensive. It is 30 times more expensive than the filtered water, so the filtered water is very economical.

Secondly the filtered water has a very good taste and good odor which tap water does not have because tap water is treated with some heavy metals like chlorine and radon.

We also discussed types of water filter. Some water filters are very expensive and some water filters are less expensive. Water filters cover more space and some water filters cover less space. Some water filters kill more bacteria and viruses and some water filters kill fewer bacteria and viruses. Water filters also save us from many diseases like diarrhea, food poisoning, vomiting, malignancy and cancer. Because it has some antioxidant property which prevents the DNA of cell to become a realtor by free radicals. It also increases fat loss and you look more younger when you use filtered water. So above all this discussion we concluded that  good filtration system is very important for everybody. In this world everything has some advantages and some disadvantages. Here is also the same case with water filters. They also have some advantages and disadvantages but here advantages are more and disadvantages are less because water filtration system make some positive impact on our daily life so I concluded at the end of this article that the water filtration system is very important for all of us because it saves us from dangerous diseases.

It is also very economical because bottled water is very expensive, research says that the bottled water is 30 times more expensive than the filtered water and bottled water also have disadvantages. Because the bottles cause atmospheric pollution in the world which is also the very serious problem for the world. So we should take some steps to reduce the atmospheric pollution as well. Because many of diseases are also caused by this kind of pollution. Read this article carefully before buying any filtration system so it will be easy for you to choose the best one. If you don’t have it then go and buy it.









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